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The biological collections at the University of Central Oklahoma (located in Edmond, OK) contain over 44,000 specimens. These specimens are used for teaching, research and outreach and are housed at Howell Hall. Click on the links above to discover more about our collections.

Funding from a National Science Foundation BRC (Biological Research Collections) grant was used to generate this webpage as well as updating our facilities. Restricted funding through the early years forced the collections to be housed in odd spaces, in institutionally constructed wooden cabinets, and in assorted, often substandard specimen boxes, trays and vials. Additionally, the specimens have had limited use outside UCO due to lack of knowledge of their existence and lack of accessibility. These collections face a curation crisis. The university now recognizes the educational, research and outreach significance of these historic natural history collections and has made available funds to convert shell space into Herbarium, Invertebrate and Vertebrate collections areas. This NSF grant supplements the efforts of the university to protect and modernize one of Oklahoma’s oldest natural history collections. Funds are being used to move the collections into new storage units, replace internal containers (jars, lids, vials, boxes, etc.), and build an accessible electronic database (DataLink) as well as this website. These actions preserve a significant and historic state, national and international collection and make it accessible for research and education.

Photo from 1913
This photograph (from 1913) shows some of the specimens that were created for a class on taxidermy. Some of these specimens are still present in UCO's Museum of Natural History today, nearly a century later.


Please contact the collections manager, Lynda Loucks, at lloucks@uco.edu with further questions.



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